Foundations Package

1.  Individuals

Risk Insurance & Estate Planning

BPW’s Foundation Package provides the benefits of combining the Personal Insurance and Estate Planning services. Given these advice areas are strongly related, this service package is a must for clients looking to provide for their family's future financial security.

Please contact BPW for a schedule of fees for this service package.

2. SMSF Trustees

The SMSF Foundation Package is a must for SMSF Trustees requiring a health check of their SMSF arrangements.

The service will review:

• SMSF Trust Deed

To ensure that your Trust Deed contains the necessary powers and provisions to implement the SMSF Investment Strategy and Estate Planning outcomes.

• Investment Strategy & Portfolio 

To determine whether your SMSF investment portfolio is in accordance with the SMSF investment strategy. If an investment strategy does not exist one will be drafted.

• SMSF Estate Planning 

A review to determine whether death benefit nominations have been used effectively.

• SMSF Insurance

A review to determine whether current insurance arrangements are appropriate. This is particularly important when limited recourse borrowing arrangements exist or are being considered.

• Portfolio Management

A review to determine the cost effectiveness of current portfolio management services.


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SMSF Borrowing Arrangement Package (LRBA)

Please contact BPW for a quote tailored to your LRBA requirements.