BPW provides specialist services to SMSF trustees. As an accredited Self-Managed Fund Specialist Adviser – SSA® Paul Barsden can assist SMSF trustees with their strategic and management requirements, including:

• SMSF Establishment & Administration

• Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements

• Investment Strategy – Drafting & review

• Trustee Duties & Obligations – interpretation of legal requirements 

• Portfolio Management

• SMSF Estate Planning

• Pre-retirement & retirement planning

Dynamic Share Trading

BPW offers clients our unique Dynamic Risk Managed Share Trading  (DRMT) service.

This service provides investors with a means to invest in the market using cost effective risk management techniques.

BPW’s DRMT process uses to determine the most probable scenario against which to measure market price strength or weakness and then react accordingly.  Our model identifies market risks to help us make informed decisions and put appropriate risk management tools in place (e.g. stop losses). 

BPW believes that successful trading is more about building and protecting capital than it is about predicting whether the market will rise or fall. To do this effectively, investors need to be objective, agile and flexible, and reverse decisions in the market suddenly moves against the odds.

BPW’s DRMT model assists traders/investors to understand when the odds of market weakness are high so that they can take action in protecting capital. It also helps pinpoint buy ideas when the risk of a price recovery increases. By measuring the risk/reward ratio of the market or individual stock, BPW is able to recommend stock buy/sell ideas with greater conviction.

For further information please contact BPW directly.

Estate Planning

BPW provides a modern estate planning service for individuals, business owners and SMSF trustees, as either part of our Foundations Package or comprehensive advice service.

As qualified Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australian and having participated and completed the inaugural Accredited Estate Planning Strategist (AEPS) designation offered jointly by the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney and the Financial Planning Association of Australia, Paul is well positioned to deliver a modern estate planning service to BPW clients in conjunction with his legal professional partners.

BPW’s modern estate planning approach is designed to:

• Protect our client’s wealth against the legal claims of others

• Ensure the tax-effective distribution of our client’s wealth following death in accordance with their wishes in a way which reduces or eliminates the possibility of dispute and challenge and which takes into account the needs and circumstances of the client’s beneficiaries

• Effectively transfer control of our client’s business and investment structures, non-estate assets, or superannuation in a way which fits with their overall estate wishes.

• Deal with the potential adverse financial repercussions which may affect our client, or the members of our client’s family, from the premature death, loss of income or long-term incapacity of our client.

• Ensure that our client has properly executed a Will and any other legal documents which may be necessary to give effect to our client’s wishes.

• Ensure that our client has formally appointed other trusted persons to manage their legal, financial and lifestyle affairs during in period of incapacity.

BPW’s modern estate planning service is extremely cost effective leveraging off the use of modern communication solutions to deliver timely advice.

We look forward to discussing your estate planning needs with you.